Summary Judgment in Forklift Accident Litigation

Attorneys Jeff Friedman and Lee Patterson successfully defended an excavation contractor and its employee, a dump truck driver, in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, in Birmingham, Alabama. The plaintiff was represented by the Alexander Shunnarah firm and alleged that the defendant excavation contractor and its employee negligently and/or wantonly caused the plaintiff to crash her vehicle when the defendant’s dump truck encroached into the plaintiff’s lane of travel. The plaintiff claimed that her vehicle was damaged in the collision and that she suffered soft tissue injuries that required medical treatment. The case was tried over three days before Judge Tamara Harris Johnson. The Jefferson County jury ultimately returned a defense verdict for both the defendant excavation contractor and its employee. Attorneys Friedman and Patterson defended the case at trial by presenting evidence that the plaintiff’s alleged physical injuries were pre-existing and/or not causally related to the accident at issue and by proving that the defendants’ dump truck maintained its lane of travel and that the plaintiff overreacted causing the accident at issue.

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