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Proven Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dedicated representation in the mediation process through proven success.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Friedman, Dazzio & Zulanas attorneys use traditional and non-traditional methods of dispute resolution to help clients resolve disputes promptly and efficiently. Our mediators have substantial alternative dispute resolution training and are registered with the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution. They have mastered the art of assisting parties with resolving disputes through compromise settlement agreements by regularly serving as mediators. We are available for service as third-party neutrals in all types of alternative dispute resolution. Those who choose us to serve as mediators appreciate and value our experience and high rate of successful resolutions. Additionally, our litigators are experienced advocates in mediation and arbitration proceedings. We have participated in hundreds of mediations since the firm’s founding and have an excellent track record of getting cases settled for fair and reasonable amounts. We have also arbitrated many cases before the American Arbitration Association and other national organizations. Our work has resulted in clients obtaining the relief they sought and brought finality to disputes. If you or your organization need an attorney experienced in alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration, please contact us.


Our team actively engages in state, local, and national professional activities and associations that align with our clients’ involvement. Firm members proudly contribute as faculty to continuing legal education programs and seminars, lending their expertise to further the legal community’s growth. Additionally, we are dedicated to participating in civic initiatives that strengthen our communities.

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